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Go go go Rikiki!

What is Rikiki ?

Rikiki Stands for Riquiqui (small in french) and Rimouski! The beginning and the end of the Tour of the Gaspé Peninsula (tour de la Gaspésie). We give you an opportunity to visit and travel where you want with the minimum you need. You’ll discover the beautiful sunsets of the south shore of Quebec and you’ll loveee it! But yes, you can also go wherever you want with your Rikiki, even in the States!



The Rikiki van is a small camper for two.

All you need to go for your adventure is in this small van wallet friendly for the rental price, but also for the fuel cost.

The most flexible way to discover the wild side of Quebec!

Our Rikikis are minimalist camping-cars for two people. That’s all you need to start an adventure while you’re saving money for fuel. The van can be in a day and a night mode. Daytime, you’ll have access to a bench and a table. Night time, the bench is transformed into a bed for two people.

Behind the camper, you’ll find all you need to cook, eat, and wash your dishes. You’ll also have a cooler to keep your food fresh and a small water container.

For your comfort at night, we supply an outline sheet and two pillows. For more cozyness, you can rent a sleeping bag or extra blankets (Our nights are chilly during summer)




  • CAR : Nissan NV200 2017-2019

  • FUEL CONSUMPTION : 9L / 100km on road (according to Nissan)

  • SEATS : 2

  • BED’S DIMENSION : 82 X 54 inches – 2,1 X 1,4 meters